Beijing,China,May 25th-May 29th, 2020


The International Seminar on Interaction of Neutrons (ISINN) with Nuclei: «Fundamental Interactions & Neutrons, Nuclear Structure, Ultracold Neutrons, Related Topics» was initiated by the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP) of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in 1993. ISINNs keep the tradition of the FLNP annual workshops and seminars in the field. The aim of such a seminar is to create a forum for scientists and engineers to present their achievements, share their insights and facilitate potential cooperation.

After the success of ISINN-26 in Xi'an and ISINN-27 in Dubna, ISINN-28 will come to China for the second time from May 25 to 29, 2020 in Beijing. The expected number of the participants is about 150. The seminar language is English.


  • Fundamental properties of neutron
  • Fundamental interactions & symmetries in neutron induced reactions
  • Properties of compound states, nuclear structure
  • Intermediate and fast neutron induced reactions
  • Gamma-decay of excited states
  • Nuclear fission
  • Nuclear data applied and scientific purposes
  • Neutron detection &Methodical aspects
  • Physics of ultracold neutrons(UCN)
  • Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System(ADS) Studies
  • Neutron radiation effects
  • Nuclear reactor physics
  • Radiation transportation and simulation
  • Advanced neutron sources and perspective experiments


The sponsorship from nuclear related enterprise is welcome, and ISINN-28 will provide an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their services, products and techniques. Potential sponsors or exhibitors are welcome to reach us at for more details.


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